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You could at some point during your evening wedding reception elect to toss your bridal bouquet. Some of our wedding DJs in Corby also offer you the opportunity to opt for other events for example party games and ceilidh.
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If you envisage your reception in Corby to be unforgettable from the instant your guests sit down for the meal then enquire with your wedding DJ in Corby to provide an all day service. A lot of our wedding discos are able to be your master of ceremonies as well.

Rates for a wedding disco in Corby can differ considerably from DJ to DJ. If you choose your wedding DJ or wedding disco by the fee in isolation you need to bear in mind their amount of knowledge, their years of experience of weddings and their individual technique that contributes to making your important day unforgettable. Wedding DJs in Corby who charge higher prices have a finely tuned knowledge and skill base and offer a better class of service. They are committed to the absolute success of your wedding reception.

A professional wedding disco in Corby should have a contingency plan for every eventuality. Ask the wedding DJ what will happen if a bit of apparatus stops working. They ought to have with them extra disco equipment plus another music source, even if the whole set of DJ equipment is relatively new. Just in case of illness, all wedding DJs in The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs are a part of a local group of wedding DJs in Corby.

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If you supply a playlist to your wedding DJ in Corby consider limiting the quantity, to give opportunity for the wedding DJ to use his skills. It will be essential to bear in mind that many tunes that you enjoy listening to on your i-pod don't always work well on the dance floor. If you are not sure, chat about your preferred tracks with your wedding DJ or wedding disco and request his/her opinion.