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This system is quick and easy to use. You tell us when and where your wedding is, we send our wedding DJs your details and they contact you directly. They will be able to tell you what they could do for your wedding reception in Oxford to make it truly memorable. They will also give you a price quote for thei service.

If you supply a list of preferred songs to the wedding DJ in Oxford consider restricting the quantity, to give opportunity for the wedding DJ to apply his skills. It will be worth bearing in mind that a few tunes you enjoy listening to at home don't always do so well at a wedding reception. If in doubt, talk about your song choices with the wedding DJ or wedding disco and request his expert opinion.

Always insist on having an agreement, agreed and signed by you and your wedding DJ, and remember to retain a duplicate for yourselves. In addition, make certain you are supplied with written receipts for all payments made.

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