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A lot of the wedding DJs in Wellingborough let you give them a 'must play' music list (usually of around 25 to 30 tracks) and requesting tracks from particular styles that must be played on the evening, as well as any music that need be avoided. This is best done when you have a face to face meeting with them.  
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Once you have sorted out a day and selected your place of worship, it is advisable to look for your idyllic function suite in Wellingborough. If the wedding reception is during a Friday, Saturday or Sunday between April to August you might need to secure most of your chosen suppliers at your earliest convenience to make sure that the ones you want are available. Nearly all will need a first installment to guarantee your arrangement, therefore it is vital that you plan for this initial expense.

The wedding DJ s in Wellingborough are able to supply your choice of music for the duration of your wedding breakfast. You are able to pick out any styles from swing to Esperanto. If availability of space is a difficulty, your wedding DJ could possibly be happy to supply a discreet disco set up able to fit neatly into the background, but still make a high quality of sound. During the speeches, enquire with your wedding DJ if he has any radio mics.

Make sure your wedding DJ in Wellingborough presents a booking form containing all the details of your wedding. If a DJ is serious about his wedding DJ service, he will want an agreement and a deposit. The booking form will offer an assurance that he'll honour the booking and will present for the times you have agreed upon. If there's no booking fee or booking form, there is nothing to ensure he will turn up for your event.
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