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When all the friends and family sit for their wedding breakfast, the happy couple are usually presented into the hall. A carefully selected track can complement the character of the day. Some bride & grooms in Carrickfergus decide to have the whole wedding party introduced into the room to their very own track. Your wedding DJ will probably be happy to organise this.

Make sure your chosen wedding DJ that you hire in Carrickfergus uses a booking form, agreed and signed by both you and your wedding DJ, and you should hold on to a photocopy for yourselves. In addition, ensure you are handed written receipts for all monies exchanged.

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Trying to find the perfect wedding disco for your important day in Carrickfergus might seem like a difficult task. Here at The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs we have made it painless for you.

Give us details about your reception in Carrickfergus. You'll find the perfect wedding disco entertainment that fits you on this page.

Once you've decided on a day and chosen your ceremony location, you need to locate your ultimate hotel in Carrickfergus. If your wedding is over a weekend between the months of April to September you will require to reserve the majority of your wedding suppliers in advance so that the ones you want are not already booked. Many may insist on an initial payment to provisionally book your agreement, so it is important that you account for this expenditure.

For some hotels and country houses in Carrickfergus, the reception utilises the same space as where you dine. In these cases, guests are usually asked to move to an adjacent lobby area or bar while the function room staff alter the function room, and our wedding DJ prepares for the evening. For larger hotels, an additional room for your evening reception is set aside for your evening wedding reception and the wedding DJ or band is usually all set so that you and your guests can move into after your wedding breakfast.

A superb wedding DJ in Carrickfergus should have a plan B for every eventuality. Check with the wedding DJ what will happen if a piece of kit stops working. They should have with them spare electronic equipment plus a spare music source, even when all of the disco equipment is brand new. Just in case of health problems, all wedding DJs in The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs are a part of a neighborhood network of wedding DJs in Carrickfergus.

Consider the money you have by now invested in your wedding celebration and the bearing the DJ will have on how everything turns out. If a good friend agrees to supply it for £140 less expensive than a professional wedding DJ, think again before jumping at the lower price. For nearly all wedding celebrations it is the mutual involvement of many specialists that make certain your special day is memorable. Your evening is as crucial, so sorting out a Wedding DJ to hire in Carrickfergus is a beneficial decision.

Make sure your ideal wedding DJ in Carrickfergus is in possession of all the correct certificates. Some hotels and castles are usually very strict on third party suppliers and insist on seeing certificates prior to letting them play. Certificates that can get requested are PLI and Portable Appliance Test (PAT).

The trend for young couples to decide to get married and hold the ceremony in the wedding reception function suite is becoming extremely standard and the good news is that a lot of halls in Carrickfergus are actually licensed for this. If this is now your preference in which case you will aim choose to make arrangements for background music for the ceremony. Appropriate background music can enhance this event. Enquire with your wedding DJ if they are in a position to supply this.

Click the Co Antrim map (above centre) to send our DJs information about your wedding in Carrickfergus. They will contact you directly if they are available for hire on your date with a full price quote.
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