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By choosing your wedding reception DJ with The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs, you can be certain that you'll be choosing a DJ of a higher than average capability for the wedding day entertainment in Kidderminster.

A wedding DJ can prepare and smoothly guide your special occasion all the way through enabling you to unwind and enjoy your day.
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The majority of the wedding DJs in Kidderminster give you the option of submitting a 'must play' track list (usually of around 10 to 15 songs) and choosing tunes from certain decades that you really want incorporated, plus any music that need be avoided.

Before you and your guests arrive for your wedding it is advisable to incorporate subtle tunes performing in the venue. All songs identified for the wedding ceremony are faded with precision. If you use your wedding DJ, the entire marriage ceremony progresses smoothly and sets the scene for a memorable wedding day.

When you've decided on a date and selected your place of worship, you must search for your perfect function suite in Kidderminster. If your reception is during a Friday, Saturday or Sunday between the months of April & September you might need to secure nearly all of your wedding services at your earliest convenience to make sure that the ones that fit your remit are still available. The majority of them will require a first installment to provisionally book your date, so it is vital that you budget for this expenditure.

As soon as your friends and family sit for your meal, the happy couple could be announced into the function room. A carefully selected piece of music can complement the character of the day. Many bride & grooms in Kidderminster decide to have the whole wedding party introduced into the hall to their own individual piece of music. Your wedding DJ will be willing to sort this out.

It is important that you are presented with an agreement, agreed and signed by you and your wedding DJ, and you should keep a photocopy for yourself. In addition, ensure you are handed receipts for all payments made.

Wedding DJs are available at a mixture of levels and all price points - from £190 to £900. As a rule, what you pay is the standard you can expect. Rates can contrast from place to place but a high quality professional wedding DJ in Kidderminster is £400-£900.

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It's your wedding party! You want a wedding DJ who takes an interest in what YOU want. You want a wedding DJ and wedding disco in Kidderminster who's suitable for all ages and ensures that they keep invited guests entertained.

Most wedding DJs in and around Kidderminster will need to hold a face to face meeting prior to your special day to chat about the finer details. Your chosen musical genres will be talked about, but also time scales and information about your invited guests to let him/her to personalise the evening's entertainment just for you.